The ripple effects of Mediation

Both influential and constantly shifting, the media plays a huge role in our lives today. This engages but equally contradicts in scariness. Just slight changes of one piece of media can dramatically change the way we look, view and orientate to different types of content portrayed through sound, meaning, images, movies, gaming etc. Through different targeted and subjected audiences, opinions emerge. Media gives us the ability to be heard in a sea of people where we originally believed we had no voice. Therefore media has given and even engaged with us on a personal level. Although this is a great opportunity for our opinions to be heard and reviewed through all aspects of the media as well as forming views on particular content, we are instantly subjected to the public’s criticism. The question remains, how big does the ripple in the constantly shifting media have to be for us to realize the power the media holds over each effect happening society?


One thought on “The ripple effects of Mediation

  1. Adding to your point that media can take many forms, I agree that a slight change in the media platform in which you present your content can change the way the audience views and understands it. For example, using a dense text post in a photojournalism piece, can take away from the message of the story, and the photos should be the main focus, with small captions where need be.
    As for your question of the ripple effect, I believe that the ripple effect starts as soon as content is published, as you said it is instantly subjected to criticism, but is also in the public eye to be used, remixed and adapted. But also, the medias power involves copyright infringements, and crediting photos, and referencing where need be. – im getting ahead of myself, copyright is this weeks topic, and your question on the ripple effect would also be relevant here.

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