Everybody wants to be loved.

Its a natural thing in life, no matter what type of person you are. Everybody wants to be loved and feel wanted. Our judgement often becomes clouded by what we want to see and feel in comparison to reality. As a little girl I grew up believing in fairytales, grew up watching the sappy movies and falling in love with characters that were so romantic that I unintentionally put them on a pedestal, idolising romance. Reality is that by putting my faith into something such as a fantasy, I sabotaged how to distinguish between love and clouded judgement. This ‘clouded judgement’  created an over thinker, a person who questions motives, because she believes and hangs onto romance which she idolised growing up through fantasies. Wearing my heart on my sleeve, although can sometimes be a good trait, often leads to the feeling of giving to much away, to quickly. I connect quicker and often expect the same in return. The harsh truth is people will always be at different stages, and in some cases don’t want the same things you do in a relationship. What we have to ask ourselves is do we want to experience love in reality, with all the ups and downs, flaws, giving and taking to form a healthy relationship or do we want to continually destroy relationships through overthinking, and over analysing motives. Live in the moment= key


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