Varying Perceptions

‘Dolce and Gabbana- The one’ Advertising campaign.

The use of images and signs are completely layered into all aspects of our lives. These images and signs are open to different interpretations through what words and images mean and how we understand and perceive them. Two images, which are the same, could have completely different meanings.

Everyone seems to have a different understanding of the meaning of an advertisement, this could change depending on what someone knows about the product, personal experiences with the product or the ‘face’ of the brand and the information they know about him or her.

Gisele Bündchen was one of the highest paid models in 2004, she is known as a model, actress and producer. From dating Leonardo DiCaprio to marrying Tom Brady, she is known for getting what she wants. Constantly in the public eye and referred ‘The return of the sexy model” by Vogue in 1999. She has had a long and eventful career. ‘Dolce and Gabbana’ is known as one of the most exclusive and highly recognized Italian brands in the world, with ‘arguably the most powerful and influential designers of our time,’ The overall connation is the feeling of desire, with the use of a glamorous shot, using black, gold and silver. The denotation seems only to layer the desired effect, using a model of such high stature automatically suggests that the product is of high stature also, this ties in well with the slogan ‘The one’ suggesting it’s the only perfume you need and the only perfume you should want. Gisele although new to the scene was quickly well known for her natural looks and kick started modeling career therefore, everyone seemed to want her and to date her adding to the desired effect of the perfume being advertised. The lights, which seem to flash and sparkle in the background give the feeling of paparazzi and diamonds, creating a sense of glamor at a red carpet event.

This however is my interpretation. Many people would have a completely different interpretation based on what they know about the model, or product, however once hearing someone else’s interpretation we are subjected and influenced through the way in which we perceive the image/sign.

What we perceive the message might be could be completely different for someone else. In this example it is clear that different people have the same connotations but denotations can vary significantly between the producer and receiver.

'Gucci Guilty' Advertisement campaign
‘Gucci Guilty’ Advertisement campaign

In this case, there were a few denotations I didn’t pick up on such as the necklace, which adds to the masculinity of this particular advertisement, but there’s one denotation I picked up on which ‘Journo.’ By Harley Saunders did not. Chris Evans, who is the male model in this campaign, was known for being a ‘Playboy’ with recent articles suggesting he was hanging around ‘Hugh Hefner and sons’, and was likely to cheat on his girlfriend, Minka Kelly. This particular article also stated that he was found ‘hanging with a hot blonde’ is this coincidence that the female model, Evan Rachael Wood, a natural blonde, was used in this particular campaign to add to the ‘guilty’ slogan. Through this particular example it is clear to see that information of what you know when ‘signifying’ can significantly manipulate the way in which you ‘signified’ the message.


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