We are in the medium.

What does it truly mean to be ‘In the medium’? When typing ‘Medium’ into Google images, themes like steak, size and psychic’s were repetitive. But we aren’t talking about the way we want our steak, the size we want to be or what’s predicted about our lives. I am talking about the way in which we are at one with technology. It is a part of us. Media is consuming. Through being more connected, we are more subjective to control. Media dictates the truth. It allows those with power to perpetuate their opinions. The fact remains that the media remains idiosyncratic yet predictable. That’s right predictable, the media knows how connected we are and exploits us to serve its purpose. It allows us to believe we are thinking for ourselves but in truth we are all far from it. We are in the medium, we are connected; ultimately we are given what they want us to have but not given true freedom of what we could have.


One thought on “We are in the medium.

  1. You’ve highlighted exactly why I’ve tried to keep a low profile on the internet. As you said, “the media is consuming”, and the fact we are more connected means we are liable to be ‘followers’ and under people’s thumbs. We aren’t getting what we went and that’s unfortunate considering we are ‘driving’ this advancement.


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