You got owned!

Shareholders and owners of media, rejoice. You have sucked yet another person into narrow headed propaganda. You have in some cases taken away their right to think and have an opinion on the media content you are releasing and better yet, some don’t even know you are doing this, well done I say.

 Experiencing this on the receiving end however, creates awareness that some media owners as well as the content being released can be misleading and extremely opinionated. Through this awareness we are able to take into consideration different meanings and messages from what we are consuming, having our own ideas and opinions instead of mirroring the opinions of what has been given via media ownership.

 Ricardo Goncalves states that media has taken major moves in ownership, for more information take a look at the video and article here. Described as a ‘Tangled media web,’ we see that some ownership stretches into different share holds thus becoming complicated as to who actually owns what. Without the credibility of not knowing that what you are consuming is owned, we are left following and believing someone else’s opinions, No one wants to feel voiceless, everyone wants to be heard.

 It’s a scary world knowing that you are told to voice your own opinion but suppressed by the media to do so, thus being brainwashed into what the media is producing.

Australia has one of the most highly concentrated media ownership in the world. Rupert Murdoch seeks only to expand and further concentrate his ‘media empire’. This specific article tackles the overarching question; the ownership of particular media doesn’t matter. It is through the ‘perceptions’ of the audience, the crucial semiotics of the content and what the content is saying in order for us to determine our opinions. For those who didn’t even know about ownership of the media, following and believing everything given to them, is creating a very dense society. But for those with awareness of what the major owners and shareholders are doing with our media content, we see a new society, clear and definitive of opinions on topics expressed through the media in order to form our own understandings.

Yes the media influences opinions, but that is the Medias job and we must clearly decipher whether the ownership of the content being expressed to us is guiding and influencing our opinions or telling us how to think. That is the underlying message.

We weren’t created to follow others opinions, we need to form our own. Subduing to the influential content, is only declining societies knowledge on the core topics and issues that are being overlooking within many major media platforms and channels today. You could say; hey, but isn’t reading this post about controlling media content and not following someone else’s opinion. No, there are things to branch off and reflect on within this post in order to make your own personal opinion on what I am saying . Ask yourself, is this influencing my opinion or trying to control it? This is the question you must ask yourself with every bit of media given to you in order to understand the way in which the ‘owner’ controls the media and its content.


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