Culture Remix

This week we looked at the way in which people innovate and change the meaning and use of technology with examples of Culture Remix, i.e Buffy vs. Edward: Twilight Remixed, trying to create my own remix using Mean Girls and Scary Movie- Scream, proved to be extremely difficult due to trying to portray a particular issue encased within the two different films which looked at similar issues. This all-too-rough job however perceives the way in which ‘mean girls’ can ruin our lives, in a extremely dramatic way.


3 thoughts on “Culture Remix

  1. Hey i thought this was a very interesting post. It is obviously remixing this is a thing that takes a lot of time, and I commend you for that. I thought it was a good video that showcased some of the essential parts in mean girls and scream, and you remixed this well. It regards to your caption, maybe don’t start with “this week we looked at…” because you are publishing to a wider audience than just BCM112. Don’t worry, i’ve also been guilty of this. Other than that, I thought this was a very solid blogpost that highlighted key or funny parts of the movie through remixing, great job!


  2. This is a great post. It’s ironic that the video you made is almost a remix of a remix seeing as you took inspiration from another video. A great example of remix culture and very funny 🙂


  3. Interesting post. Creating a remix video is hard and time consuming and i applaud your effort. I suggest briefly explaining what a remix is. Great job


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