Glass half full

Many stated that this weeks lecture was ‘depressing’ for us journalists, however i felt as if my hope had been restored. Journalism has been a critical topic within the news for some time now, an example of this is in the Metro, ‘In defence of community newspapers, a dying light of journalism‘ Written By Rosemary Westwood. This particular lecture, I believe was one of the best. It confirmed possibilities, that journalism is in fact evolving not dying, it is adapting to the convergence of technology and therefore journalism can be told on all different forms of media platforms.

Authoritative journalists (professionals or those with a degree) have a greater job prospect if they can adapt to these new forms however Journalists (Not professional or with a degree) can also publish? So where can we draw the line on who is a professional journalist anymore? Content creation has changed from one to many to Many to Many, and for many professional journalists, thats a arising problem.


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