The use of hashtags and retweets

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Hashtags are used for public conversation and help in content creation when used to market and advertise such brands. Analytics of twitter are available for all to see if you have a Twitter account. Twitonomy, is used in this example to show the use of the Hashtag. It is clear that #BCM112 is used the most within my tweets, which if we look at retweets in comparison, #BCM112 are my most retweeted comments.

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Hashtags however don’t reveal, they construct. They help build our online persona, our online ‘Identity.’ We construct that identity, however although persona has emerged through the use of digital objects, we now see a redirection- we are able to add to the online persona of a persons identity through tags on Facebook and hashtags. This could redirect and even conflict the online persona that, that person was trying to create. For instance, ‘Fresh in Our memories’ Woolworth’s. ย This campaign, was in uproar when the company, once known for its valued Australian image of ‘We are the Fresh food people,’ launched a conflicted image which has changed the way in which the audience perceives its ‘persona’ or ‘online identity.’ Thus adding their personal opinion to the ‘identity’ of Woolworth’s through hashtag trending.


4 thoughts on “TWIT-TER

  1. Although I wasn’t there to completely understand the lecture, your post has given me a huge insight into what it was about so thanks for that! Your writing style is great and easy to read and comprehend. I like the use of graphs and the hyperlinks, that also made it easy to understand and follow through with what you were saying. If you want to head over to my blog post, you can see how I’ve interpreted the online persona through my media platform which is Instagram.
    Great work and keep it up!
    Also, cool name, Jade ๐Ÿ˜›


  2. Of all the topics we’ve had each week, this is one of the most interesting. I thought you did a really good job in expressing your insight and understanding of the matter. Your use of graphs, and hyperlinks not only increases the credibility of your argument, but also adds engagement from the audience to your blogpost. I also love how the information you presented is personal, and thus makes for interesting viewing. Finally, using a recent example of Woolworths and their social media advertising was very relevant. Nice post!


  3. I’ve always considered Twitter as a social media site to network with friend, family, and all that warm and fuzzy stuff…but you’ve touched on a very intriguing point discussing how Twitter can be used as a marketing tool in establishing an ‘online brand persona’. Though the use of hashtags is just the beginning of the use for Twitter in branding. It also help companies to promote and create an online community that revolves around their brand. “Hashtags however donโ€™t reveal, they construct” is pretty spot on when considering the way the construct persona and community online. I think the use of Twitter and creating a corporate brand persona is essential for most brands as they can easily and affordably reach their target audience and communicate messages to them as well as an essential way to drive customer conversation.


  4. This post has assisted me immensely as it has helped me understand further into an aspect of my media platform, Instagram. Not only have you successfully addressed this weeks lecture but you have shown a clear understanding of the topic, allowing readers to gain an insight into your knowledge of hashtags within social media. Thanks for a great post, keep up the great work! ๐Ÿ™‚


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