Mick Fanning Shark attack and the explosion that followed.

Throws a left, lands a right… Mick fanning is truly lucky to be alive. Fanning’s split second decisions led to his safety on the dreaded day of the J-Bay open.

Captured on live TV, onlookers around the world watched as Fanning fought for his life, marking the start of a media uproar. Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter were flooded as well as live TV channels, radios and memes being generated, all raising awareness of the shocking event.

Examples of the media explosion cane found here: https://storify.com/jadelauren_hall/

Last night 60 minutes, interviewed Mick Fanning about the shark attack as well as documenting his first time back in the water since the attack, Fanning being paid $75k which he donated to body boarder Matt Lee, after he was mauled by a shark last month. Again this sparked a heavy flow of media due to the heroic and thoughtful donation. 60 Minutes used footage from the event, as well as his interview, underwater cameras to shoot his ‘first surf’ back, as well as other cameras in order to capture angles that a had held camera could not.

This example shows us the way in which media transcends platforms, with the use of citizen journalism as well as media content creators assisting journalists in the spreading of the ‘official story’ of a particular event. It seems as if content users and creators deem whether a story is important in order for it to be spread in some cases.

A  big Good-luck to Fanning and Wilson for Tahiti! 🙂



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