Week 2: Experimenting with sending an image via code


Describe how your encoding process work.

We were given an instrument in order to come up with a coding process similar to week 1’s morse code in order to send a picture to one another. We came up with a coordinate grid code, in which we would make certain sounds to give us the x coordinate and different sounds to give us the y coordinate. We also had a third sound for when we were starting to send the next coordinate.

Detail the rationale for the way you designed the code. For example, what elements have you chosen to encode (e.g. lines, shapes, points, directions, distances, units etc.) and why.

We chose to encode lines, we did this by repeating similar coordinates in order for us to understand that a line needed to be drawn and joined. This helped ease the process, providing us with a image which was identical to the one being sent.

Describe your transmission process. For example, what are the protocols you establish when transmitting the fax?

We established that we have to send sets of coordinates, for example (3,4), (4,5),(4,5), (6,5). The double up of (4,5) meant that those coordinates had to be joined. The third sound also helped us determine when they were starting a new line/ set of coordinates.


What works particularly well in transmitting the information?

Definitely working with more than one person. It helps share the load of what we were hearing in time to plot the coordinates and join the line. Also ensuring that we know how our encoding process works.

What doesn’t work at all?

I think trying to plot and listen at the same time proved hard especially when joining the dots. We waited until the end so we didn’t have a confusing mess coordinated.

What more is needed to make the transmission work?

In the encoding process we could of used curved lines in order to get the shape of the shoe to resemble a little more however it didn’t really matter.



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