Week 3: Wall drawing 16 by Sol LeWitt Experiment

IMG_1742Our group decided that we would do bands of lines that were 30cm wide. We could then do however many or however little lines within the 30cm width as we wanted. Our bands of lines, then became diagonal, horizontal and vertical all staying 30cm wide. The instructions we interpreted could however intercept at any time. Resulting in a creative and mismatched structure that we can see in these photos.



The way the instructions were set out confused our group entirely. The instructions we thought were vague and extremely open to interpretation, which changed our understanding of what needed to be done.

Our instructions
Our instructions

Improved instructions: 30cm wide bands, one vertical, one horizontal and one diagonal right, all intercepting in the middle. (Each band has thin lines opposite to the way the band has been drawn, resulting in lines all in the same direction inside the bands)


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