No place like…construction?!

This week and last, my house has been under construction, the wooden flooring which once faulty has now been replaced by bamboo flooring. The constant change in my home has left me feeling annoyed and extremely interrupted (Which is why the post is late). I tried to capture the essence of what myself and my family have been living in for the past 3 weeks, utter chaos. The sounds are nothing short of loud and disruptive, yet we continue to go about our lives in a way that baffles many, unaffected.

It wasn’t too hard capturing the sounds because they were so loud and over powering within my house, therefore it was easier to ignore the back ground noise. However due to the sound levels, i had to decrease the volume in order for each individual sound recording to be heard distinctively. Portraying the environment through sound often contrasted what i was feeling. In a way yes, the sound created by the tradies was one of the hardest parts but it was more about the inconvenience, for instance- sharing beds, not being able to get into the kitchen, not having any furniture out. Its hard to portray those sort of inconveniences as well as the way the person felt about it them in a sound image.


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