Creating a better Place (Week 4)

Intrigued by a woman who is constantly changing things in her life and house, frustrates my whole family. With a deep past and childhood, growing up not knowing the meaning of home, it opened my eyes to see how she truly thinks, and how she believes that by making everything perfect and ‘idealistic’ she is making a home. When interviewing Kerrie Hall, it became evident that there were some parts of her life that she wasn’t ready to share with anyone- parts of her life that were painful.

Kerrie doesn’t really have a place and that’s what made for an intriguing interview. When talking off mic, she believed that she had no place. She never felt at home, and never had a true ‘home’ growing up, which has led her to becoming the person she is today.

Instead she shares with us the details that made her happy, the things she remembers. The tone exhilarates as she reminisces about these things, yet the tone drops from happy to grim, with a contrasting memory reflected next to the good ones. Within the interview there doesn’t seem to be much emotion, when she talks about the things in her past, which may be her only way to cope with whatever happened to her as a child. The emotion lifts towards the end as she explains the real motive for changing the things around her.


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