Oran Park House/Catherine Park House, 1817.

Oran Park House built in 1817 by John Douglas Campbell is a Country manor house replicated like that of an English style manor located in the Sydney Metropolitan area, Cobbity.

The land, the House is situated on passed from the Dharawal People to European settlers which was eventually sub-divided.Surrounded by early settlers and farm land, Campbell was shot and killed on the land in 1827 in pursuit of a trespasser. The house was passed down and sold numerous of times, in which times the house and land was used for many different purposes. This included a military camp and a grenade firing range during the second world war. John- Dawson daymer was the last true owner of the property before his death in 2000.

This Georgian style home surrounded by a picturesque landscape is, inside anything but. Although the property oozes character, showcasing the history through style and renovation, conspiracy theories surrounding the house remain unsolved. ‘A woman died in bed on the second floor due to a disease from one of the soldiers’ stated Steven Hall, resident in Harrington Grove. Harrington Grove located opposite Catherine Park house is a new established estate. ‘A man, for instance, was said to have hung himself from the now removed bell tower’ he continued.

Oran Park house recently renamed Catherine Park House, is now occupied by the Catherine park estate sales team who are sectioning the land and selling certain divisions at a time. Carrie Cable, a land sales employee at Catherine Park often works in the house alone, and has had quite a few encounters within the house, ‘I always hear a man singing…and the other day a light bulb smashed’ she stated as well as hearing footsteps.

Most people within the area don’t know a lot about Catherine Park house, and neither did the Catherine park sales team until they started experiencing things that were out of the ordinary, including squeaking stairs and doors slamming. After taking a trip to local libraries, council records and museums it is clear why most of the conspiracies haven’t been solved. There isn’t much information surrounding the deaths of family members, what I could find however is that John William Campbell was shot and killed on the land in 1827 in pursuit of a trespasser as well as reading in a journal entry that a woman fell very sick at the home and there was no cure. Could this be the woman on the second floor? One thing is for sure, there is someone in that house.



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