Week 1

Chris Watson interview:

  • Media tech as Watson described as ‘seeing/sensing’
  • Acquisition before application- develop a library.
  • Relation between technology and creation
  • Listening is creative not passive.
  • Listening vs. hearing
  • Omni-directional
  • Noise pollution is distractive.
  • We are stopping ourselves from listening and find it hard to engage with an environment.
  • Perspective- sound is relational (wide and narrow perspective)
  • Multi channel sounds.
  • Wide angle and fixed sound in mono.
  • Seeing and sensing not perspective or expressing.
  • Change our world by shaping what we collect through audio

NOTE: When using equipment:

– We hear in the range of 20hz-20khz

– 44.1khz is cd quality

– Whole human hearing is the perfect medium for sound.

– 16bits- resolution of audio

– Maximise signal to noise ratio

– We are trying to use all the resolution to record the sound.

– We need to fill the dynamic range without it clipping


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