Week 2 everyone…

Last week I experimented with film in order to created a eroded effect by first soaking my film in washing power and Windex-letting rest for 24hrs and then soaking in bleach and hot water before allowing to dry in the sun.

The bleach proved to be a very effective way of removing the chemicals which was visually seen on the reel once spliced and played.

However I believe that i may of left the film in the bleach for too long because it seems to have taken away more of the content than what i would of liked..

My concept is trying to depict this with color and seeing if, when color is added. it changes the effect of the film itself. When looking at other peoples work, I recognized that sticking things that although look normal to the regular eye. Once enlarged looks incredible. Im going to see if I can add to this effect at all.

Below is my film:


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