Assessment 1: Audio Soundscape

2016, Paranoia 

During this project, I focused on the portrayal of the everyday suburban life yet living in an environment that can’t be ignored. I did this by creating layers in the landscape. Residents live so close to a forest yet continue with their suburban lives. This is reflected through the use of exploration of layering the normal suburban sounds combined with a subtle undertone of nature to explore the way their lives might be everyday.

Experimenting with a range of different materials found in my allocated area of Fairy Meadow, I worked with materials placed over a drain, while also walking on different materials and exploring the sounds created. This gave me the ability to create a sense of layering which is reflected in the suburb of fairy meadows lifestyle. Through manipulating pitch, speed, volume, fade ins and fade outs. A sense of tranquility from nature which adapts to the constant suburban paranoia challenges listeners.



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