Assessment 3: Moving Image Project


Echos (2016):

This work plays with an audio piece created by Blake Foggo named ‘Echos of litter’  where he took every day pieces of litter, recorded and manipulated them to portray the dense litter pollution of the area. When hearing this particular audio piece, I focused on the litter of the mind reflected in a suburban setting. The way in which we can drive ourselves crazy within our own minds until its too late and we have done something we never knew we were capable of. This narrative features a man who is caught up in the echo’s playing in his mind, breaks into a home and then realises what he is doing. In using close-ups and extreme close-ups as well as pairing the intensity of the audio to what was happening on screen, I have been able to create a build up of tension through speed similar to the Black Swans opening sequence. In using black and white, I am playing with the concept that morals are either black or white, within this piece most of the still images used are darker rather than lighter until the character get outside and can clear his mind.


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