S P A C E (the ongoing thread)

In BCM240, we are challenged to answer, “Where are we in our lives?”

My first response was to answer this literally, I’m here at uni sat in the BCM240 Lecture, studying Communication and media, majoring in Digital media. However Doreen Massey, 2005, states space is the “simultaneity of stories-so-far.”

This got me thinking…

How many other students have studied BCM240?

How many students have sat in this exact chair, in this exact lecture?

How many years has this subject been running?

Has the content/ stories changed over previous years?

I took to Twitter in search of posts hash-tagged BCM240 in order to understand the space #bcm240 has created over numerous of years, in order to follow a story that is constantly added to, by many different students, over many different years. A space that students from many different years share the same story by adding to it, learning from it and feeling a part of.


Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 5.18.50 pm
Taken from the #bcm240 twitter feed 

From BCM students in 2015, bombarded with surveys to help other students with their final projects… to students sharing their walk of ‘pride’ moments.

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 5.23.23 pm

Taken from the #bcm240 twitter feed 

Even the weekly blogging in 2014 regarding multitasking…

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 5.35.05 pm
Taken from the #bcm240 Twitter feed. 

As we can see through the history of #bcm240, a space has been created and generated through a single hashtag. Students not only use the #bcm240 to share there story with one space but they can also be seen hash-tagging more than one class that they are taking, which adds dimensions to each students individual story, as a way of creating a multi-dimensional space that can easily be added and responded to from different students taking different classes.

This all adds to our learning experience. It also changes the way in which we perceive information and can change our views on certain topics. Shawn Wilson (Research is Ceremony: Indigenous Research Methods) statesA problem with writing down stories is that it makes it very difficult to change them as we gain new learning and insights.” However its easy to see that when tweeting during class about issues raised during the lecture. Students share their individual opinion while other students can be seen responding to that opinion in their own way, adding to the story in a way in which we can learn from others. 



One thought on “S P A C E (the ongoing thread)

  1. Great points you bring up Jade. It’s really got me thinking. We are all products of our decisions up until this point. Our tutors and lecturers shape our learning experience based on their understanding of media space. All our stories are collaborative and constantly changing. Our digital space is a testament to our history and our future with BCM and media space.


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