‘This is Shit!’

This week I decided to interview my dad regarding the internet usage in our home…

Recently my dad has had a number of issues regarding being able to watch the EPL. Dads issues have turned into my issues, as I am deemed the most ‘tech savvy’ in my household. The problem began with Foxtel losing the EPL rights to Optus. Matches can still be viewed on Foxtel with a 13 hour delay, whereas Optus sport is now streaming those matches live.

The problem however is the fact that dad bought a Apple TV in order to get the Optus sport App on his TV in order to watch the games, which chews internet due to him watching it all the time. We have an account with Telstra for the internet, with our modem running straight from the fibre optics (NBN). My little brother is also burning through internet when he plays online on his playstation. Pair that with my other family members internet usage and you get a recipe for disaster, with the monthly bill coming in and everybody accusing one another that they are the ones using the most internet.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 6.07.48 pm

My dad has had enough and announced that he was upping the internet usage to 1 terabyte. (YAY!) Yet we are still having problems with the speed of the internet, due to the constant streaming and all the devices in my household. A way of getting over that for me has been to connect my laptop straight to wall so I’m getting direct internet rather than the wifi which everyone else is using in the house.

My poor dad is struggling to come to the terms with the fact that he’s playing for all these different platforms, devices and subscriptions but cant watch what he wants to watch. Now after sitting down with my dad and fixing everything up, we had to overcome a new issue. The Optus sport app! This app is one of the most frustrating and restrictive apps I have ever come across, making it impossible for users to use. You log onto your Optus account through the app in order to watch the sport, with a maximum of 4 devices being able to be logged on a once. The issue is when the app fails you have to re-download the app and re-log in. This thinks that its a brand new device and adds it to your device list. Now you can manage your devices and delete them but can only make a change every 30 days. Long Story short, we had exceeded our limit due to a constantly failing app.

… Calling Optus (first time)…’We will get our technical team to call you back.’

…No call from Optus in 2 days…

…Calling Optus (second time)…’Sorry but we aren’t sure of the issue, try re-downloading the app.’

…Calling Optus (third time)…’$50 dollars off phone billing account and fixed the problem by deleting all the devices off from their end.’

Bingo! Finally! And $50 off!

Paying for a service, and not receiving the service is one of the most frustrating things a customer can experience, especially when we pay over $300 a month for the Optus service not even including our internet which is over a hundred a month. All up thats over $400 not even including Foxtel or any of our subscriptions or even electricity bills. Now I can see why my dad is angry when he cant watch what he wants too.

Many EPL fans also weren’t happy with the coverage at all, taking to twitter with the strending hashtag #OptusOut:

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 6.11.15 pmScreen Shot 2016-08-30 at 6.11.46 pmScreen Shot 2016-08-30 at 6.12.00 pm

What do you think about paying for a service that you cant watch? Have you had any similar problems?

Dads quote of the day (everyday): ‘This is absolute shit, its my only enjoyment in life’ (thanks dad!)




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