Choc-top Horror

Hägerstrand, gives us three limitations which I will tie in with my horrific cinematic experience this week.

  1. Capability
  2. Coupling
  3. Authority

First, I absolutely love going to the movies. I hate the smell of popcorn, I love eating it, once I have added my malteasers and have let them melt a little. (Heaven!) Now lets note: I have never been a choc-top girl. On this dreaded day I decided it would be a good idea to invite two of my friends to watch ‘Water for elephants,’ although this movie came out in 2011, (I know long time ago!) the experience has stuck forever in my mind.

Saturday, Narellan Town centre is ridiculously busy. The movie started at 12:30, it was now 12. We all agreed to meet at 12 outside the cinemas. By 12:15 the girls still hadn’t arrived so I called them and asked, both stated they forgot. Great! This was Jades first movie experience alone after being dogged by her friends (I felt like a loser)

At first I was really embarrassed and nervous thinking that I would see someone I knew and they would ask why I was alone. But I grabbed myself a chicken salad sandwich, snuck it in my bag and also decided to purchase a choc top.

My first ever choc top. A decision I would soon regret…

I watched the movie and ate the sandwich in peace with no one else in the cinema but me. I laughed, I cried, I munched and nobody could tell me that I had to be quiet. There was an intense part of the movie and I reached down to grab my choc-top peeling back the wrapper rather loudly. Why? It was only me in the cinema!

I sat there trying to figure out how to actually get to the ice cream (it was in this moment I realised how hard the choc-top chocolate actually was) when suddenly as I bit down, the colourful freckle on the top came flying off, and I couldn’t find it in the dark. So naturally I left it and continued to eat the choc-top which wasn’t enjoyable in the slightest. (that waffle is disgusting)

The movie finished and I stood up, grabbed all my belongings and made my way out of the cinemas to be confronted with people laughing as I walked past. (What were they laughing at? Have they never seen a young girl watch a movie alone?) I heard a kid whisper ‘mum, that girl has poo on her pants.’ Turns out that, ‘flying freckle’ had made its way under my ass, had melted and gone onto my pants, resembling crap.

Thank you choc-top!

Now lets break this down…

I was only 15 at the time, which meant that getting to the local cinemas was a half an  hour bus ride… this ‘capability’ is a lot harder when you factor in transport times while trying to align them with movie times and meeting your friends who both lived in different areas. Second was ‘coupling,’ organising on Facebook to meet two friends after deciding on a movie you all wanted to see and a time that was convenient for you all, was I assumed easy. Now ask stood-up 15 year old Jade with chocolate resembling crap on her pants and you will get a different answer. Number 3, ‘authority,’ this refers to a place that someone has control over, hence me ‘sneaking’ in a sandwich, due to apparently not being able to bring in outside food. Also with only me viewing the movie within the cinemas there wasn’t many limitations to what I could and couldn’t do. Normally with other people in the cinema, there are certain things within the cinema that you just don’t do, rules if you must. These have been universally understood for generations…

Now you know the embarrassing reason why Jade doesn’t like choc tops.






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