Freedom to the users!

Sat here in class, and from what I can see, over half of the class has an apple device. What is the problem with apple devices, its the inability to pair and share to other devices that aren’t apple.

Many times I have come to the conclusion that android is better in terms of their being more freedom and less of a walled garden in terms of what you can do on an android device. It sure has a lot more positives than apple.

Then I look at my iPhone, iTunes, iPhoto, Macbook, Apple tv, iPad and i think, how do I keep and access all of these things without having an apple device to share and sync them all together with through iCloud. If I had an android a lot of what i do couldn’t be synced with macbook.

This is the way apple operates, they have created a society similar to a walled garden which enables the syncing of multiple devices together to create convenience and user functionality. Its easy. Comfortable almost to have all your content and devices with one company.

But we are missing a key ingredient that android provides?

Android breaks free of the walled garden, instead having a openly free network that users feel free using. They are highly exposed to many different ideas with android users claiming freedom.

Apple even has a system which can convert android data to apple so you don’t lose content whereas the reverse isn’t possible. Apple limit users and it could be said that apple users have their freedom unrightly suppressed.

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16 thoughts on “Freedom to the users!

  1. Great post! you brought up many great points, especially how it seems Apple has created it’s own society, like how u can sync your phone to macbook laptops, as well as have all your photos in the clouds, but with all these great features, it is missing user freedom. Crazy to think how much popular Apple is compared to Android, when Android is much more free.


  2. I’m not going to lie the idea of being in the “Apple Society” does put my mind at ease. I don’t know if that’s because of how sheltered my life has become under the Apple umbrella or what…but I feel most secure knowing that I can connect to my other devices and not loose the content I have created for uni or personal projects because of its sharing capabilities.
    However, the knowledge of knowing I have been somewhat suppressed in regards to my freedom does make me question why I continuously choose Apple. As much as I’d hate to admit it I don’t want to say that I picked my iPhone because it looked nice but I’m sure that had some place in my decision making process. But is it all that bad, this source which I used for my own research looks into the pros and cons of Apple’s walled garden
    But then again it does get contradicted with this
    We’ll always have our own preference but for me I think comfort will override freedom…but who knows.


  3. Hi Jade, great read. It’s so interesting how incompatible Apple is with Android; do you think there is a reason for this? Would there be any market benefit for the two to become compatible? It’s such an interesting and relatively new area of study, which raises significant questions as global media usage becomes mainstream. You’ve positioned Android as the platform which promotes more freedom and opportunity. Your meme captures this really effectively. One advantage of Apple you could have considered is the quality filter. Because Apple’s model is so controlled, the quality of content (although much more restricted) over its software is immense in comparison to that of Android. This source ( suggests this quality filter is one of the main reasons for Apple’s longstanding success. The abundant quality of Apple compared to the content-driven Android could be compared to the legacy media model versus the distributed network. It has been argued that the legacy media is dying out; it will be interesting to see if Apple will be able to survive in a dynamic and distributed environment as the digital revolution continues.
    – Claire


  4. I’ve only had one Android phone and am looking to upgrade to an iPhone within a couple of months so this post immediately peaked my interest. I’m aware of Apple’s closed platform and realize that from a marketing perspective it’s quite beneficial since a consumer will more likely buy a Macbook if they own a iPhone or vice versa because of the simplicity with which they can exchange information. At the same time, the iOS closes itself to a wider market since you need an iPhone for the operating system to work whilst the Android OS covers Samsungs, Sony, Oppo, HTC – the list goes on. Because of Androids open-source nature, it also becomes a better choice for first time developers since they provide a Software Development Kit and provides plenty of information for anyone looking to create an app – check it out, it’s pretty cool:


  5. I am the same when it comes to Apple! It’s just so easy and convenient having everything sync up through the cloud system. I can’t even imagine my life without it hahaha. Have you heard much about the new iPhone 7?! This link here gives a little demo of what to expect with the new product launch. Interesting to see which physically walled elements are added.


  6. I like how you understood that Apple makes us walk to the beat of their drum when we purchase and use their products, I’m surprised that iCanKeepUpWithIt. It’s funny how we can be so comfortable with Apple completely controlling our consumption of content and how we use their products. They have complete control over how we interact with them, something that android does not impose on us. Its funny how the line of freedom can be drawn between android and apple and open and closed source products respectively. You also described the concepts of both mobiles extremely well and gave us an example from your own life (which is honestly quite similar to my own). Even with all the negativity of Apple being a closed source network, there are so many positive things about having Apple products, here’s an article on why individuals think the iPhone is better than Android ( This website actually called a tie between the two in a heated debate between which product was better! ( Great post!


  7. Hi Jade

    You made a really clear overview of the situation in the mobile world. It is obvious that what Apple is doing is to create such a similar thing as the ‘walled garden’. However, lots of people still choose to be a part of that as it is comfortable – they are given direction to go and protected from ‘noise’ from outside.
    On the other hand, Android makes its trademark in the freedom its bring about. At first sight it seems like this system is gonna be chaos but now it proves to be sufficient as it fits the paradigm of distributed network.
    One recommendation of mine is that you have mentioned that Apple has a range of devices (iPod, iPhone, iPad, Macbook, etc) so maybe you should extend this a bit more as all these devices create the Apple ecosystem which can be considered equally to Android ecosystem. This article explains that notion I think you might enjoy.

    Great work. Keep it up !


  8. Hi Jade!

    You aroused the notion of the ‘walled garden’, drawing the similarities between it and the ecosystem which is tethered to specific functions and platforms. Would you prefer comfort over freedom or vice versa? These business models such as Apple and Google argue just that! As a mac user I often wonder what content I am missing out on in the tight control that Apple enforces, and whether this system will survive in this evolving technological age. It would have been more insightful if you delved a little further into the workings of Android, specific differences and how it encourages its generative platform.


  9. This post definitely shows why Apple is such a popular choice and ultimately it comes down to one thing. Convenience. Apple’s closed system allows you to share between devices and this system is slowly being indtroduced into Android devices. This article shows how Samsung are now using a cloud to back up data While it may seem like Android is behind Apple, Androids vast array of brands and platforms means it needs to operate differently to Apple. The way you interact with devices determines which system you go for making both systems great for different people.


  10. Its interesting to see how much Apple plays a part in social status and heirarchy. I believe that the popularity of apple comes with the sleek design, and not the actual capabilities of the system. As an iphone user, I find it perfectly simple to use an iphone for the most basic things, and have never had an interest in purchasing any android devices. I prefer to be able to sync all of my data into one database and be done with it. Although, the openness of the android system seems useful, it has never appealed to me that I could do so much more with my technological devices. Its an interesting topic, especially when this debate comes up.. you can always tell which person is an android user!


  11. This blog is a really good comparison of the two operating systems as you describe the different elements of each system. Given how different they are it is interesting to see which system is preferred by people and more widely used. I thought this was an interesting article because at the beginning of the Smartphone era Apple surpassed Android in popularity however this is definitely no longer the case.


  12. Great post filled with all the relevant content from the weeks lecture. Like you, I think the inability to share and connect with other operating systems is the downfall of Apple. This can just be put down to the vested interests in the marketplace. From your very first Apple purchase, you get the sense your being trapped in a way because along your consumption line, you will need to keep buying apple products to connect with your last purchase.


  13. Hi great post, I think you hit all the concepts re the apple vs android debate nice and concisely.
    You talk about Apple creating this closed ‘society’ which is a term I haven’t used in relation to apple before but i think captures it really well. And I think it’s similar to a lot of communities to we see in that they can be awesome in providing comfort and convenience but sometimes you are limited in a sense. And as you’ve talked about Apple are definitely on the limiting side.
    I’ve long struggled with the Macbook/ Android combo but it’s definitely worth the swap and it’s not as bad as it seems so I definitely vote go Android.


  14. I have to agree with you, Apple’s ecosystem makes it a whole lot easier to keep all your things together when you sync multiple apple devices together. I think this would be the main reason why I haven’t ventured out to explore android and what they have to offer. Apple is a very comfortable system which really provides all the things that I need right now.
    Your post had some great points about the apple society, ones that I forgot about really. It would be really interesting to see if the android would benefit if this option was available (not sure it is). Your meme worked well with the post you have written, especially in regards to ‘Android breaking free of the walled garden’. Great work with your blog post! 🙂


  15. Good point. iPhone is a highly expensive product in the walled garden, with much restrictions and inconvenience in IOS. Conversely, Android phones can easily link to computers and transfer photos and songs without the need of installing any extra programme, like iTunes that iPhone needs. Basing on these alone, Android really provides more freedom.


  16. haha i totally know your fell when you looking at your classmates. As a apple user, i know i have more freedom using android rather than using IOS. IOS is a wall garden and everything keep inside the garden, not like android that you can manage whenever you like. but if you move to android , you have not idea how to manage your data as IOS will do it for you although you need to stay in the wall garden. its a trade off.


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