A little too close for comfort

This week really hit the nail on the head for me.

Recently I was dating a person who I love but also became very blinded by, excusing behaviour that I would not normally of accepted. I kept said behaviour from my parents and constantly lied to them. For those who know me, this was extremely hard for me to do as I am a massive family person. My parents eventually found out about said behaviour and told me that I could no longer see this person. This has made it very hard on me. Feeling as though i was pushed into a corner of choosing between my boyfriend and my family. This has left me completely torn and eventually heartbroken that it had to come to this. During a week period I was lying to my parents about having contact with him and again they found out and stopped me from contacting him. This is a example of private regulation that I have felt significantly. I do know what my parents did was to protect me and look out for me however.

The same goes for my brother, he is 12 years old and is a regular internet user. He hasn’t grown up without some form of internet and recently my mum had to put a parental lock on how much internet he was using per day as he was burning through it and costing my parents fortunes! As we see within todays social media realm, many platforms are moving towards a more open source network without much regulation, this includes reddit and 4chan. These platforms are coded in a way in which users can modify and change the code freely.

These types of platforms are often questioned however through certain demographics that can become radicalised. For instance I wouldn’t want my child stumbling across 4chan anytime soon, as well as ‘The Donald’ campaign on reddit. This is because these types of open sourced information isn’t filtered. It often contains content which isn’t acceptable in the public and opinions which are often argued and built upon which can be dangerous to certain demographics who don’t understand the content being spoken about.

There are many rules on the use of mobile phones in certain areas which is also a form of regulation. These include Hospitals, petrol stations, court, planes and even the cinema (although the cinema is still debatable among some as it being more of a respect for others sort of thing).

The video below was used on most every DVD that we bought or rented, with an allocated time that you couldn’t skip through. This was often used as a scare tactic to state there was a regulation in place if you pirated a movie, that it was illegal. I even remember asking my grandparents and they stated if you got found illegally downloading the police would come to your house. That was enough alone to scare a child not to do it. Times have changed however and although when we are asked we reply with ‘Me? No way, thats illegal’ its inevitable that people do it regularly. This although we argue it, is illegal. It is stealing and is killing many film industries. The media have now creates things such as subscriptions in order to still make money from their viewers who are streaming, which include Netflix and even a music app called Tidal. This is a way to ensure regulating without the collapse of media industries.

But how do we regulate the behaviour of others when engaging with media? Should we?

When talking about this question in class with class members, the reoccurring idea of comfortability kept arising when reviewing texting, music etc. We normally deem these things unacceptable and even rude when in the company of people, but become more relaxed when we know the person and become more comfortable in the area that we are in. It depends on, however, many factors including the way in which the space is set up (are you allowed to do it in class for example), who you are with, what you may be talking about etc.



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