My 3 class project

Experiencing South Korean food first struck me while watching state of play in DIGC330. Over the last three weeks I have explored three different recipes, experiencing and cooking them in different ways. I have decided to approach this by linking three of my subjects together. DIGC202 is asking me to produce a digital artefact to solve a problem which has arose in research and DIGC330 is asking me to experience an asian culture through auto -ethnography research. In DIGC330 I have been exploring Korean food in which i have found there are many things I am allergic to which are in most of the recipes, taking me forever to filter through recipes and find one i can actually make and eat. This led me to designing a chrome extension that filters out ingredients you are allergic too in DIGC202.

At the moment for this class I want to continue to explore and research Korean recipes and document my experience in making them. After reading ‘Constructing a digital story circle’ by Nick Couldry (2015) and researchers, it was interesting to see that storytelling elements can be linked together to show to each other how the other lives.’Part of what is important about a digital story circle is that it can bring multiple media together.’ This is evident in the use of vlogs that I am using as well as tweets, hash tagging all my subjects.

I have decided to take the same subject matter across all three subjects as it gives me a massive audience as well as many different forms of platforms for engagement. I am currently using a class reddit thread, you tube for my vlogs, my own blog and twitter which all intertwines and engages with each other. This gives me a massive advantage over a lot of other students, when looking at the amount of coverage I can get as well as engagement. This also gives me more feedback as well as different perspectives in which I can improve on and build upon. Sources given to me are also useful in helping me build upon my experience and research. Through class presentations in a number of my classes within the next two weeks I can deeply explore and question with lecturers and tutors in different subjects in order to get a well rounded opinion of how the research subject is being understood by my audience.

Supported by the Ellis & Bochner, 2000 reading, it was agreed that researchers, “wanted to concentrate on ways of producing meaningful, accessible, and evocative research…forming a representation that deepens our capacity to empathize with people who are different from us.” Through vlogging my experience on Youtube, blogs and twitter, I was able to share the content across different mediums in order to give everyone easy accessibility to my research and understanding of Korean food. Below is some of the platforms I have been using to work on these.



Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 12.20.49 pm.png
As you can see a number of platforms are being used which all link back to y blog on different pages. I am engaging with class content from all three classes as well as tweeting and posting about my experience with Korean cooking. By using up-votes and down votes on reddit, reddit users have the ability to deem whether the sources you want to use are credible and useful or not. As you can see above, some sources i have spoken about have more uproots than others so I would be discussing the sources with a stronger focus on them in relation to this project. Similar to Nick Couldrys explanation of ‘visitor traffic’ it is easy to measure on WordPress admin, reddit and youtube as to how much traffic is being generated and which content is being more engaged with than others. The DIGC330 page can be used as an example of Couldrys idea of ‘Multiplying’- on the page, years of students research is archived and can be accessed, this shows the overarching story of each students research projects.
‘In digital stories; voice not only tells a vital narrative but it also captures the essence of the narrator, their unique character and their connection to the lived experience’ (Lambert 2006: 18) This is one of the main reasons I chose to vlog. So people could experience with me and recognise a similar way of thinking to me when cooking Korean food.
All that I have working on is in everything linked within this blog post, as well as on my website and twitter.
I hope to continue to explore Korean food and engage with more people to help create this digital circle.



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