Week 1: My field

Communication and media- Majoring in Digital media


Social Media Marketing



Social Media Marketing (SMM) requires techniques that target social networks/platforms in order to spread awareness of the client/business that you are working for or to promote particular products. SMM is very strategic in the sense that it relies heavily on cultivating customer feedback in order to constantly improve and target its audience.

During previous semesters I have dabbled in photography, sound, film, web content, a range of different platforms which all add in my ability and understanding of how to better my practice field.

Last semester I focused on manipulating video and sound in order to engage the audience. By using a Willy Wonka audio piece which most of my selected audience have heard, I tried to recreate an engaging piece by focusing on distortion, repetition and dimensions.

In constructing the final assesment, I projected a psychedelic video of multicolours similar to a kaleidoscope which I edited dramatically onto the corner of the room which created a tunnel effect. Pair this with my dramatically edited audio and I hoped to achieve audience engagement.

What seems to be repeated in both my chosen field and what I have dabbled in, is audience engagement and trying to make it as interesting as possible in order to extend who i can target. This semester I would like to focus on that engagement and further my practise in projection.

These examples are extremely inspirational, and to see the interactive projection used for brands as a marketing campaign reassures that projection as well as other digital technology can be used in my field to assist in unique audience engagement.

A brief history of photography projection can be found here.

In brief, black and white projection derived from the 60’s. Here is an example from famous artist John French  projecting on a model during the 1960’s.

Next week I’ll dive deeper into the history of projection with close reference to how this practise can engage an audience through every day objects/normalities using developed technology.




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