Experiencing Leap Motion

During this semester I am exploring projection which led me down the path on motion gesture as a means of interaction with projection.

Introducing Leap Motion

This USB plug-in is outrageous, there is so much unexplored possibilities that this plug in can do, I don’t know where to start.

During my initial interaction, I noticed how user friendly it was to install and begin playing in the ‘Playground,’ this resulted in me being distracted all night placed heads on robots and picking petals off a flower.

I loved the idea of interacting with the computer/game without having to place my fingers on the keys. It immediately felt personalised and realistic, although the tracking became very interfered when I moved it into different locations where there was more light. Over time though the tracking readjusted I picked up little hand gestures precisely.

I also noticed that there was no lag between what I was doing with my hands and my ‘virtual reality’ hands that appeared on the computer screen, which was completely new to me. This saved a lot of frustration, smoothing over a heightened experience of the leap motion as a whole. Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 6.04.17 pm.png

After reading it had over 60cm of range, I began to play with the distance of the device and what it could actually pick up and how precise it was at different distances. Kneeling and using my hands to pick petals it was still extremely precise. A massive round of applause goes to Leap Motion.

Im still playing around with the device to explore its potential and limitations, but overall this device is killing it.



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