Get your foot in the door!

Social Media marketing or digital marketing has many different avenues and departments within the one team.In sort it means that a company which has partnered with you constantly has an online presence that is ‘always on.’

So what are the departments? 

Generally within a digital marketing firm you have departments that specialise and focus on one main task:

The creatives

Creative director – Web designer – Copy Writer – Social media manager

The tech geeks

User experience manager – Technical Architect – Web developer – Front end developer – SEO executive

The make things happen guru’s

New business director – Account director – Project manager – PPC manager – Affiliate manager- Display manager

The boss

Head of digital/managing director

In each branch of the team there is a manager who guides all of the staff within that branch to work together. The over arching view comes from the ‘big boss’ however and steers all other managers to achieve the desired goal.

In retrospec, everyone would like to be the boss of their own digital marketing firm. As a starting point, I would fit myself into the creatives department. Its not easy however as explained in the tutorial this week. With an endless wave of passionate people in our field you really have to make use of the opportunities to get your foot in the door but also acknowledge when the opportunity has become static.

I have done work experience at two different digital media companies both broken yellow and Icon Visual . These have not only given me experience but have also taught me all the different branches that work together to design one product.

As mentioned in class, I currently have my foot in the door with also a potential opportunity looming to start my own freelance brand. I currently work for a real estate company and have recently taken over all of their social media and marketing campaigns including designing brochures. There is a huge space for social media marketing in real estate, one that i never would of known if not for working as a receptionist for 2.5 years. The business stated that they didn’t have a budget for a marketing job in their business however 2-3 days a week could work. The potential opportunity there could be for me to start up my own freelance brand.

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 4.15.42 pm
Real estate Facebook Page 

Mentors are also important in helping you realise the next step in your career. They are people that can help you in understanding the paths you need to take. A formalise ‘guide’ if you will. They can also act as a network support.

3 mentors in my life would be: 

Brad Purcell

Michael Alexander

Katrina Cunnane

The problem with this as Mat stated in this weeks workshop was the fact that they are all from the same department (First National). Working on branching outside of the one department can help game a diverse network in order to help you gain in your career.



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