Week 10- Projection on Jars// Projection with Swinging light (creating animation)

This week the group hit a major road block. The group, I believe isn’t working very well together. They aren’t pulling there weight evenly and I have been the person doing the majority of the work, which includes setting up all the experiments by myself every week, trying to form new ideas each week and allocating work in the hopes that collaboration will form each week as well as paying for the equipment we are experienting with every week. Attendance has also been a massive concern, how can we progress as a group while also collaborating new ideas if all the group members aren’t pulling there weight. This week I spoke to Jo and voiced my concerns, that after trying for 4 weeks now, I was worried that the group wasn’t progressing or working well. In which she advised me to sit down with the group and voice my concerns.

To come each week and have the group sit on the floor and text while I do all the work (while being criticised) as well as one group member joining our group in week 8 and not turning up for 3 weeks after, makes me believe that no progress will be made on our group.

After presenting the experiment this week which in my eyes, was not a work I wanted to be associated with, I again voiced my opinion in front of the class about the lack of energy and progress in the group, in which Mat advised that we should split from the group and conduct our own experiments as well as mind mapping next week and looking at research in which we could draw ideas from. Mat stated that if our idea’s and direction match then we go together and if they don’t we should branch away from the group and work on progressing in our own directions.

This week we set up a number of objects to experiment with shadow work that is reflected onto the wall, we then set up a swinging lamp that changed the objects we the hopes of trying to created moving animation to the stationary objects. An example of where we drew the inspiration from came from this video:

This worked really well for Huey because his major work explores this in a meaningful way. I am glad that this experiment worked for him, however for me I struggling to see the progression of the direction I wanted to go with in regards to projection and reanimation.



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