Week 7- Olafur Eliasson’s Your Uncertain Shadows REMAKE

This week was known as the “Experimentation week” which allowed us to develop on previous artists works. Our group explored Olafur Eliasson’s Your Uncertain Shadows as seen in the video below:


Overall I was extremely excited about using interactive projection (something in which I am carrying across multiple subjects this semester). This particular installation proved quite easy and we produced a replica of the work that worked extremely well but I really wanted to explore its potential of interaction.

By using 4 different coloured lights that we lay in a line, we were able to replicate the layering and reflected effect as seen in the installation above. When a person walked in front of one light and blocked it, the other lights would shine through more prominently which would change the colour and interaction to a certain degree. The more lights we added, the more colour layers were produced.

To add to this design we hung the canvas screen in the black box and also shinned different colour lights from the back, this created an effect in which the person from the back was getting the same effect as the person from the front, but they could also see each others shadows to interact with. Another thing I noticed was the way in which the person from the back stood in the colour layers of the person from the front which added a sharpness to the colour.

Things to experiment with further- 

  • Sensor’s that play different sounds in relation to the interaction of colour
  • The depth of the lights- having lights set at different heights and distances

Below is our attempt at recreating the work:

Another group this week also experimented with the work but used projectors which i though was a really great idea. This produced a electronic feel as well as the colour layers being extremely sharp whereas ours was quite soft.

Overall, a really good start to figuring out the direction to take projection and interaction. During the class discussion, people thought that the installation was really cool but often questioned the sound element as well as the potential to bring in projection mapping that disappeared once the person had moved or a tracking element that captured the silhouette of the person and stayed on the canvas screen for the next person to interact with through pre-recording. Another idea that came from this discussion for me was having two different entrances so that each person didn’t know that there was someone on the other side until they interacted with them once inside.

I really enjoyed making this work, the whole group got together and had fun as well as being on the same page. The installation opened many doors and acted as a springboard of what we could do to improve the installation in the next couple of weeks.

One idea that I though of was facial projection mapping through tracking as a way of projecting certain designs onto someones face much like this example:

Next week I will be bringing in a mannequin head for our group to experiment with in order to see whether the installation may be possible.



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