Week 8- Facial mapping projection

As spoken about last week, we used a mannequin that I bought from spotlight in order to project different character faces onto the mannequin head. We also included songs that matched the character faces, merged them together and created one video that merges faces and songs into one, trying to replicate the video attached last week.

Some of these faces worked really well, such as a robot that I sourced from Youtube that changed automatically. The scaling of the faces proved difficult as well as trying to match the scaling of the projected faces to the size of the mannequin head and its features.

Upon discussion with the class, we also noticed that with certain faces, it looked good to have the face off centre from the mannequin head because it produced quite a different meaning as well as a different image. This corresponded well with the exploration of Satire which Huey wanted to look at. The discussion then turned into how we could project on different objects to explore different facial features.

From this week came the idea that we might project body parts onto glass jars that have been scattered at different heights in order to draw attention to specific body parts.

This week I believe that we could of been a lot more prepared, my and Huey worked together to produce all of the content used this week, and I bought the mannequin whereas the girls struggled to engage in the work. We also had Matthew join our group at the end of the class which brought our group number to 5.

I messaged everyone to bring glass jars/containers/ jugs etc so that we could experiment with projecting body parts onto the jars for next week.


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