Week 9- Projection Mapping of Organs onto Glass Jars

This week I was very disappointed that two people from the group didn’t turn up as well as the girls not bringing in any jars for our experiment. I brought in 3 jars but I was annoyed that I have been putting in a lot of effort each week, nevertheless, we worked with what we had as well as sourcing a cup and jug from the uni kitchen.

The projection didn’t work out as well as participated which resulted in us having to add liquid to the jars and paper. We focused on projecting one organ and setting it up correctly. We used a picture of a heart which I sourced and edited for the projection, while including the sound of the beating heart, however the projected organ didn’t look very realistic at all and wasn’t clear on the Jar.

When discussing with the class our experience, I felt extremely disheartened, Mat suggested that instead of trying to project images and videos onto the empty jar we should fill it with a milky substance in order for the object to become clearer. He also questioned why we weren’t just using real parts in the jars, and creating an environment for that. In which I referenced the idea of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and questioning the reanimation of the dead.

I really liked this idea, as it questioned the ethics of reanimating the dead. After the end of class, I expressed to Jo that i didn’t think the group was working well together and I felt as though I was doing the majority of the work, as well as group members not turning up and bringing the required equipment in order for us to progress through our experiments each week.

Next week we decided as a group that we would experiment further with the projected organs as well as bringing in objects in which we could fill the jars with. I sent a message to the group of what each had to bring etc, and also made it clear that if they had any other ideas we could work on those next week.


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