Philosophy of Journalism


I have always wanted to change the world. Phew thats a big statement, and one person can’t change the whole world. Thats what drew me to journalism, I believe that to change the world we first have to change negative opinions, only then can we come together to change something big.

I can write for hours on end and never get bored, never think about what to write next, a person living in her own ‘fantasy world’ is what my mum constantly likes to say, in which i would reply ‘Some say I’m a dreamer,’ making us both laugh. But its true, writing is my passion. Coming to uni has only helped further that passion, although the competition is strong, I believe I have a personal kind of flair which separates me from the bunch- this i am told is great for Journalism.

Technology is highly relied upon within the Media reporting and storytelling course- which i throughly enjoy, the convergence of technology is forever changing, so being constantly in the loop and implementing technology into journalism allows me to feel as though we personally are evolving into a new form of journalism,  with a diverse amplitude of job avenues.

Currently I’m interested in Travel journalism, a job I’m sure everyone would love to have. Im passionate about sharing stories of those in communities that may have been ignored or forgotten about in society, from here in Australia to all around the world, but I’m also still figuring out what particular format id like to do that in, as i am very creative and want to visually show peoples stories as well as inform.

The only fear I have is drawing an audience, finding a format which will engage and create attention- some are about technology which i believe journalism is already gravitating towards and some citizen journalism. But really I’m just concerned with how i can create something in order to connect with an audience.

More content and starting to think more about the format i could create while travelling to destinations and continuing to write, I believe will help in rounding out the skills i have learnt and will be continuing to learn over the duration of my course. Next semester i hope to have published something on a well featured website, while continuing to write and travel. I need to also spend more time taking photos and other visual content.

Future endeavours? Travel, Travel, Travel while hopefully getting a good writing gig that allows me to produce content, I will be paid for. With writing, I will continue sending material off to publishers with the hope of a break through.


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