Project Pitch

After close research over the last five weeks, I have looked closely at projection mapping  and motion gesture (interaction).

During the excursion, I ventured around the museum and came across a SMART play zone which featured projected images that can be interacted with through Kinect xbox. One example involved an image of a pool, which could be interacted with by adding pool floats to the pool from the iPad on the wall. If you stand on the float the water interacts with your feet and ripples. Within DIGC310 and DIGC335 I have been working with interaction within a board-game by using motion gesture and projection. I, therefore wish to carry this project across into this subject. Within week 1 we defined our field and while working and managing the digital media and marketing at First National Real Estate, I have noticed a significant change which I could make, one which could add to the business and branch of work. For real estate windows to stand out from the rest, I have decided to try and work on back projecting the website onto the window with the possibility of it becoming interactive. Here is an example of a  “Interactive shop window.”

Within the gallery space, a piece of glass held up by a structure (much like a window), layered with a tinted film can be used to project the website on. The website video can be pre-recorded to navigate through the pages automatically. A way in which the window could become interactive would include touch motion or motion gesture, in which people outside of the window can navigate through the website themselves just by touching the window or gesturing.

I have experimented already with Leap Motion and Kinect Xbox as a means adding motion gesture to the projector, on a much larger scale than a projected window, so to estimate the way in which my project will work on glass and on a smaller scale is hard to say especially on a tinted window.

The aim would be to back project a website onto glass, but if we can program Kinect to pick up gesture to navigate through a website on a window, that would be insane and a game changer within real estate. The first real issue I can think off would be if motion can be picked up through the tinted window or whether the interaction would be severely interrupted. Through testing the technology, we would be able to expand its function and the way people interact with the specific artwork.

I can’t wait to experiment!

Rear Projection Example
Taken for here.



2 thoughts on “Project Pitch

  1. Good consistent work over the six weeks – I would have liked to have seen more depth and ongoing research in terms of projection practices – who is doing interesting work … what tech are they using – why is it interesting etc etc. There are plenty of interactive screens and many rear projection examples that use visual tracking to allow basic interaction… its pretty doable…and has been used in real estate windows. The stuff from your DIGC projects sounds really interesting – perhaps expanding that beyond the context of game creation could be interesting..


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